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what we do

Trails For Change NGO is a non profit organization funded by grants and donations. Our goal is to create jobs both directly through our projects and also through the increase in tourism to Armenia and Artsakh. As well as promoting a healthy lifestyle to the local people through the promotion of hiking/biking as a recreational activity.

Hiking, running, biking trails planning, building and maintenance



Bridge construction

Restroom installation and repairs

Campground and picnic area construction

During our ride/fundraising event we raised just over $2200 which will be used for our Youth For Change Conservation Corps Program and the Meghradzor Accessible Trail Project.!


With funding from the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Artsakh we were happy to be able to continue work on the Janapar Trail. 

We have exciting news!
In 2020 AdventureCORPS is organizing a 6 day ultramarathon stage race on the Janapar Trail!

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