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The 4th segment of the #BarevTrails Eco-tourism project is now complete. Within the framework of this project, we hosted Spanish, German, Swiss, and 40 local volunteers. With the help of the volunteers, we maintained the historical trails around Dsegh village, added informational signs, directional signposts, and blazes. Hikers can download the app and see the 3D model of Tumanyan, and people hiking on the Giqor Trail can download the audio of the famous "Giqor" story and listen to it while hiking. As always, we have installed informative panels about plants, flowers, trees, animals, the footprints of animals, birds, and fungi that are growing in the area. Very soon, we will share the tracks of the trails. 


The Artsakh Bike-Ride fundraiser has been complete. The money raised will be used to improve the Janapar Trail and other trails in Artsakh. Our thanks to all the donors, participants, the families who host us along the way and feed us that delicious food. Now we look forward to the Janapar Trail bike ride 2020.


During the Vorotan trail revival project, we have restored 7km of trails and two bridges. The final trail will be approximately 20 km and will connect Old Khot, Old Shinuhayr, Devils Bridge, The Great Hermitage of Tatev, Tatev, Tandzatap, and Bardzravan. The entire trail will be marked, and trail signage will installed. In addition to our Trails For Change NGO team, we have also had volunteers from our Youth for Change educational program. Members of the Transcaucasian Trail team have also helped on this project.


This is the 6th week in the Vorotan Canyon and we are working on the old trail from the Great Hermitage of Tatev to Bardzravan. During this time we have worked on 3 more destinations. In the picture you see our Youth For Change Volunteers. It's Monday and they are very active!

what we do

Hiking, running, biking trails planning, building and maintenance

Campground and picnic area construction



Bridge construction

Restroom installation and repairs


To plan, design and build hiking, running, biking trails to increase and promote tourism in Armenia and Artsakh as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle to the local people through the promotion of hiking/biking events and healthy lifestyle festivals and other activities.

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