Since 2017

About us

In 2017, Hans Keifer, an Armenian American and owner of Bellfree Contractors, a professional trail-building company based in Los Angeles, came to Armenia as an international expert to assist with the design work of the TCT and also to lead and train volunteers on the TCT project.

As an avid trail user himself, he saw so much potential and desperate need to develop the trail infrastructure throughout Armenia and Artsakh, and had the bright idea to start his own nonprofit.

TFC was started in September 2017

Hans recruited the TFC team from the enthusiastic and passionate local volunteers that came together during the TCT project.

Since its inception, TFC has partnered with over 30 organizations and developed 80 trails throughout Armenia and Artsakh, totaling over 1000 km of hiking and biking trails, with many more to come!

Man doing construction work, while talking withe team members, with the headphones

Our partners and sponsors


The benefits of expanding the outdoor recreation economy in Armenia can bring much needed economic releif. Trails both drive tourism and boost physical activity.


We are on a mission to develop a network of trails which spans all across Armenia.

great trails are built by great people