Youth For Change Conservation Corps

Youth For Change (YFC) is an educational project for local youth. The goal of our program is to equip participants with life skills and work experience by employing them in a variety of projects. Some of those projects include: Constructing, maintaining or repairing hiking trails, restoration of natural areas, park construction or repair, trash removal and general clean up of natural areas.

Program  Activities and Goals

Trail building and trail marking training: Train the youth on trail building and trail marking as well as teamwork. The knowledge and skills gained during the training will provide an opportunity for the youth to maintain the trails and participate in the other trail building projects in the future.

Environmental protection training:  The goal is to raise awareness of environmental issues and provide lessons that can be used in daily life.

Team building activities: The goal is to create a multicultural environment, cultural and lingual exchange with international volunteers. With an emphasis on team building ecersizes and activities.

Campfire talks on teamwork, history of the region, flora and fauna, sustainable tourism development opportunities and youth leadership.

Youth For Change Program Handbook


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