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In 2018, TFC’s professional trail builders started the expedition and scouting around the Vorotan canyon, in Armenia’s Syunik region.

During scouting, traces of ancient trails were found that had been used centuries ago, to commute and move cattle or products. Many of those trails were still well-preserved, but at the same time, they were unprotected, and in danger of being lost. Understanding the historical, cultural and economic value and impact that those trails can have for the Tatev community, the medieval monastery complex of Tatev and its surroundings, the TFC team started to develop the “Revival of Ancient Trails in Vorotan Canyon" project. With the goal to construct and re-build trails in the historical Syunik region, connecting Tatev village with the surrounding villages of Tandzatap, Khot, Halidzor, Shinuhayr and Bardzravan. Passing through the Great Hermitage of the Tatev (Mets Anapat) monastic complex, waterfalls, ancient settlements, caves and dazzling landscapes.


One of the main goals of the project was to make Tatev and its surrounding villages more appealing to tourists, developing those communities via ecotourism and better defining and extending the existing trail network there.


To do this, the TFC team designed a new trail network, which was planned to be over 20 km long, and include river passes with bridges, tourist and directional signs, information boards, and trailheads. In reality, the project achieved more than the expected results, with the trail network reaching over 28 km and stands as an example which meets and exceeds the recognised standards of safety, sustainability and aesthetics.

During the “Ancient Trails Revival in Vorotan Canyon” project, due to an increase in procured fundings, it was possible to implement two volunteering programs; the TCT International Volunteering Camp and the “Youth for Change” local volunteering program. Thanks to these projects it became possible to prolong “The Revival of Ancient Trails of Vorotan Canyon” Project and get more results.


19 field workers, including 15 volunteers

trail distance.png

24.5 km in total


3 sections


4 weeks

Tatev tandzatap Trail
bardzravan-mets anapat
Mets Anapat Hin Khot
the best trails in Syunik, gike in Vorotan

Tatev Tandzatap Trail (segment of TCT)


region: Syunik

start: Tatev Viewpoint

end: Tandzatap Village

distance: 2 km

difficulty level: moderate

max/min elevation: ​​1539m /1348m

the tracks and GPX: coming soon

transcaucasian trail, hike in Syunik, the best trails in Armenia

Bardzravan to Great Hermitage of Tatev (segment of TCT)


region: Syunik

start: Bardzravan Villega

end: Great Hermitage of Tatev

distance: 10.5 km

difficulty level: difficult

max/min elevation: ​​1486m /854m

the tracks and GPX: coming soon

volunteer in Armenia, hike in Armenia

Great Hermitage of Tatev to Old Khot 


region: Syunik

start: Great Hermitage of Tatev

end: Old Khot

distance: 12 km

difficulty level: difficult

max/min elevation: ​​1495m /854m

the tracks and GPX: coming soon

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