Barev trails

BarevTrails is a 3 year project. It is a cooperation between Wesser Foundation and WWF Armenia. Each year over 60 volunteers take a journey to mountainous Armenia to work in Protected Areas such as Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Gnishik Protected Landscape, Tatev Planned National Park and Zangezur Biosphere Complex.


These amazing volunteers will work with a group of 10 local volunteers in developing ecotourism in these Protected Areas, by creating trails and developing all the necessary materials needed. The nature of the work includes various activities, installing Kiosks, signage, interpretive panels, blazing, building vista points, bridge construction, clearing and cleaning the trails by collecting trash, etc.. Volunteers will also be mapping the trails with GPS devices and editing all of the useful and educational information for visitors to read on the maps and signs.


Each group will be hosted in Armenia for 9 days, of which 7 days will be completely dedicated to the actual project. These educational hiking trails will be focusing on providing information on the nature and biodiversity of a specific area, including the flora, fauna, cultural monuments and other objects of visitor interest. Each trail is at scenic sites in protected areas.

In addition to building the infrastructure necessary to create the trails and develop ecotourism, volunteers will be given the opportunity to visit other sites in Armenia. This way they can become acquainted with the splendid natural and cultural heritage of Armenia.


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Text and pictures by BarevTrails