Transcaucasian trail (TCT)

TFC (Trails for Change NGO) is working closely with the Transcaucasian Trail NGO on the construction of a new long-distance hiking trail across Armenia and Georgia, which will eventually give hikers the opportunity to experience a 1,500 km journey from the Iranian border of Armenia to the Black Sea coast in Georgia, taking in all the cultural and historical diversity this historically significant region has to offer.

Bordering Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, the region is one of the most biologically, culturally and linguistically diverse regions in the world – yet one that few have had the chance to explore.

During 2017 the TFC &TCT together built and maintained 21 km trail from the town of Dilijan to Kahacahrdzan Village, from Parz Lake south to Goshavank, and from Dilijan north to Haghartsin Monastery.

During 2018 With the collaboration of AGBU and TCT, TFC built and or restored 12 km moderate difficulty trail from Gomk to Martiros.

During 2019 work continued on the TCT in Voratan Canyon in partnership from SST, TCT

The trails are also suitable for advanced mountain bikers and trail runners.

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