Dilijan Community Development


In Partnership with the IDeA Foundation and with co funding from the European Union work has been completed on our project in Dilijan National Park.


Parts of the trails we have used existing dirt roads, historic trails as well as newly constructed segments of trails.


Parz Lake Loop Trail: The new trail around Parz Lake that loops around the Lake from the resort area is now compete. This trail is a nice loop from the resort area and provides great views of the Lake.


Hidden Waterfall Trail: This trail starts near the Khachkars as you drive up the road to Haghartsin Monastery. It follows an existing dirt road to the river and then continues along the river on an old road bed and trail to the scenic hidden waterfall and weeping rock.

Medieval Monasteries Trail: This trail follows much of the existing dirt roads with one new rerouted segment to avoid a very steep muddy section of the road.


Apakekar Mountain: This Mountain is located between Hovk and Haghartsin Villages. It can be reached from either village. Breathtaking views are provided in all directions from the peak. The new trail is now complete and starts from the jeep road on the north side of the mountain.


Besides these new trails we have also repaired/maintained several old trails or dirt roads in the park: National Connection Cicling Trail, Nature Pilgrimage Trail, Skywalk Trail, Tripeak Trail, Whispering Waterfall Trail, Yew Grove Trail, King of the Forest Trail.