THree Hawks Trail

In the summer of 2017 we spent a week working on a connector trail starting from Hovk Village. The trail passes through the Sartsapat Mountains and connects to the TransCaucasian Trail (TCT). During their exploration of the area last summer the TCT Team found a few old trails in this area. 



From a high point on the dirt road we created a new trail that connects to what appears to be an ancient trail switchbacking through the cliffs. From a distance, you would never imagine there would be a trail through this place. From the high point the trail passes through a high meadow and connects to the TCT. This high point also provides some incredible views!


As we were building the new segment we would often see three Hawks soaring gracefully above us near the cliffs. We thought the Three Hawks Trail would be a fitting name. Besides the switchback trail going through the cliffs, we worked on another trail in the area. This also appears to be an ancient trail.  We cleared brush and fallen trees on this trail that runs below the cliffs. With these two trails and the TCT it will be easy to do a loop through this very scenic area.


This trail also provides access from the TCT to the village of Hovk where a through hiker could resupply and have a homestay.


In October 2018 we marked the trail with red and white blazes This trail will be included in the upcoming Dilijan National Park map.