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Trails in Lori Region: trail building and signposting (TECHNICAL REPORT)

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

HIKEArmenia and Trails for Change Contract

Building and signposting of Tumanyan-Qarinj Trail, Qarinj-Dsegh Trail and Dsegh Loop Trail

Prepared by “Trails for Change” Tourism Infrastructure Development NGO, on October 31, 2019 for HA Foundation

Technical report is to specify the work done by “Trails for Change” Tourism Infrastructure Development NGO in the period from 14.10.2019 to 28.10.2019 in the frame of the HIKEArmenia and Trails for Change contract (date 01.04.2019). Intended work for this period was: 8.88 km of signposting, trail, blazing of Tumanyan Qarinj Trail, 3 km of trail building, signposting, lopping, brush clearing, blazing of Dsegh Loop Trail, 6.5 km of signposting, blazing of Qarinj Dsegh Trail.

The report will show the completed work.

This technical document comprises the bulk of the report and is accompanied by maps of the proposed route and supporting work pictures.


Total length: 8880 m-signposting trailblazing works.

Status: Completed

Map#1 Tumanyan Qarinj Trail

____ Tumanyan Qarinj Trail


Total length: 6500 m - lopping, trail brushing, signposting, trailblazing.


Map #2 Qarinj Dsegh Trail

____Qarinj Dsegh Loop

____Biking Loop Trail

Table №2


Total length: 3000 m- trail building, signposting, wall building,lopping, trailblazing works.


Map# 3 Dsegh Loop

____Dsegh Loop Trail

____Biking Loop Trail

Table №3

Trail Building

Retaining wall building


Trail blazing

The report was prepared by Trails for Change NGO

Anna Tadevosyan: TFC General Manager

Ashot Davtyan: TFC Project Manager

Aida Arakelyan: TFC Project Manager Assistant

Armen Manukyan: TFC Trail Crew Lead

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