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Janapar Trail: Signposting (TECHNICAL REPORT)

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The technical report is to specify the work done by “Trails for Change” Tourism Infrastructure Development NGO in the period from 10.06.2019 to 23.06.2019 in Artsakh. Intended work for this period was: 18 km of trailblazing and brushing of the Janapar Trail from New Manashid to the Zuar Loop Trail, 10km trailblazing of the Zuar Loop Trail, 300 meters rerouting from the jeep track to the recently constructed Kolatak Kachaghakaberd Bridge, (built by AHA Armenia) rerouting of the Janapar Trail from the asphalt road to Sargsashen Canyon.

This technical document comprises the bulk of the report and is accompanied by technical information and supporting pictures.

  • Signposting technical information

Table №1
Table №2
  • Technical information on additional work

Table №1
  • Photo Report

Prepared by “Trails for Change” Tourism Infrastructure Development NGO, on June 30, 2019

Anna Tadevosyan: TFC General Manager

Aida Arakelyan: TFC Project Manager

Armen Manukyan: TFC Trail Crew Lead

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