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Janapar Trail: Sargsashen - Karmir Shuka segment (TECHNICAL REPORT)

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Funding source: Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Tourism Affairs

The Technical Report presents the Trails For Change Tourism Infrastructure Development NGO for the period 19.11.18-25.11.18. Planned and implemented works include clearing of a hiking trail, hindering stones, branches, logs, construction of crossings, mapping, marking, technical data of the Janapar trail segment from Sargsashen to Karmir Shuka Village, in the Republic of Artsakh.


Map #1 Janapar trail: Sargsashen-Karmir Shuka section
Map #2 River crossing points on the trail

Technical characteristics of the trail

Chart #1 Trail elevation profile
table #1
table #2


The report was prepared by Trails for Change NGO for the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Tourism Affairs on November 29, 2018

Ashot Davtyan: TFC Project Manager

Aida Arakelyan: TFC Project Manager Assistant

Armen Manukyan: TFC Trail Crew Lead

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