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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Final Project Report Prepared by “Trails for Change” Tourism Infrastructure Development NGO, on December 10, 2019

1. Executive Summary

In 2018 a professional group of trail builders and designers from “Trails for Change” NGO (TFC) started the expedition and scouting in the area of Vorotan canyon, Syunik region in Armenia. During the scouting traces of ancient trails were found that had been used by our ancestors centuries ago to commute and move cattle or products. The result showed that those trails were currently well-preserved taken the period when th

ey were built, but at the same time, they're endangered. Understanding the historical, cultural and economic value and impact that those trails can have for the area of Tatev community, medieval monastery complex of Tatev and its surroundings, TFC team started to develop a project called “Revival of Ancient Trails in Vorotan Canyon" with a goal to construct and re-building trails in the historical Syunik region, connecting Tatev village with surrounding villages of Tandzatap, Khot, Halidzor, Shinuhayr and Bardzravan, passing through the Great Hermitage of Tatev (Mets Anapat) monastic complex, waterfalls, ancient settlements, caves and dazzling landscapes.

One of the main goals of the project is to make Tatev and its surrounding villages more appealing to tourists, developing those communities via ecotourism and trail network. For

completion of this TFC team designed the new trail network that in total was planned to be 20.5 km long, including river passes with bridges, tourist and directional signs, information boards, trailheads. But in reality the project has achieved more than the expected results in developing trail network infrastructure up to 28.1 km to meet internationally recognised standards of safety, sustainability and aesthetics.

This Final Technical Report is to specify the work done by “Trails for Change” Tourism Infrastructure Development NGO in the period from 07.2019-11.2018 in the frames of 4 specific fundings by SST (Swiss Foundation For Solidarity In Tourism), ​TCT (Transcaucasian Trail Association), ​Hovhannes Ispiryan’s Fundraising Program ( for Youth For Change Project,), Mr. Thomas Lipke, Mr. Andreas Bartman, Mr. Kay Rittmeister, Mr. Sebastian Falck from Globetrotter Foundation​ (for Suspension Bridge Renovation Project).

This technical documentation comprises the bulk of the report and is accompanied by tables, diagrams, maps of the proposed routes and a supporting package of work pictures.

Download the full report in PDF here:

Technical Report_Vorotan_Canyon_Trails (
Download • 52.37MB

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