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Meghradzor Accessible Trail (TECHNICAL REPORT)

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Building and signposting of

Prepared by “Trails for Change” Tourism Infrastructure Development NGO, on August, 2020

Project Results

Note on terminology: In the context of this report, the word ‘route’ should not be interpreted as making any statement about the physical infrastructure. The words ‘trail’ and ‘road’, on the other hand, are used to refer to specific types of physical infrastructure. Attention is drawn to the important distinction between a trail, which unless otherwise indicated is a narrow path suitable only for foot/bike/equestrian use; and a road, which is of a width and design suitable for a motor vehicle.

Trail Works

The following hiking trails are now open and available to visitors of the Megradzor community

The trails have been marked with the new system of trail signage developed by the State Tourism Committee of RA. In forested locations where a higher level of visibility and guidance is required, such as at junctions and trailheads, metal posts with directional sign boards have been installed to support the trail blaze markers, containing distance and destination information in Armenian and English. The signboards have been manufactured in Armenia from durable and non-corrosive materials, and have been installed in accordance with internationally recognised guidelines. The design optionally allows for additional markers to be added as the trail network develops. Detailed specifications for signage and marking can be found in Appendix B.

Results by Numbers:

Appendix A: Signage and marking

Detailed specifications for signage and marking

a) Directional signboard specifications

b) Directional signboard sizes (մմ-mm)

c) Blazing system specifications

d) Paint and brush type used during the blazing process

Appendix B: Tools and Materials

Trail building and other works on trails require special trail building tools. Below you can see the list of trail building tools used during the project implementation phase

Trail Building

Retaining wall bui

The report was prepared by:

Trails For Change NGO Trails for Change NGO


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