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Accessible Trail in Meghradzor 

Two trails are now open and available to visitors of the Megradzor community: The trails were marked with the new system of trail signage developed by the State Tourism Committee of RA. In forested locations where a higher level of visibility and guidance is required, such as at junctions and trailheads, metal posts with directional signboards were installed to support the trail blaze markers, containing distance and destination information in Armenian and English. The signboards were manufactured in Armenia from durable and non-corrosive materials and  they were installed in accordance with internationally recognized guidelines. The design optionally allows for additional markers to be added as the trail network develops.


4 field workers

trail distance.png

1.5 km in total


2 sections


2 weeks

Tatev tandzatap Trail
bardzravan-mets anapat

Accessible Trail


region: Kotayk

start: Hankavan-Meghradzor Highway

end: State Forestry Service Land

distance: 0.5 km

difficulty level: easy


Tezharuyk Monastery Trail


region: Kotayk

start: Hankavan-Meghradzor Highway

end: Tezharuyk Monastery

distance: 1 km

difficulty level: easy

Mets Anapat Hin Khot
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