Janapar trail

The Janapar Trail is a 500km (311 mile) hiking trail taking you past high mountains, over hills and through valleys and canyons, discovering many ancient monasteries and experiencing unbelievable hospitality. Much of the trail is green and forested, and much of it is pristine. Few travelers make it to many of the remote areas the trail takes you to, and you'll likely have the trail to yourself much of the time, or share it with a shepherd, as you are one of the first hikers to discover this area rich in history, culture and nature.


About 200 miles of the trail are in Armenia, with the remainder in Artsakh. Please note that only some of the trail has trail markings, the rest is hiked by following the GPS tracks on smartphones and using maps, while efforts to mark the remainder are ongoing.



The Janapar Trail has been mentioned in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Lonely Planet, Yerevan Magazine, Nouvelle d'Arménie, and many other publications.


For GPS tracks: https://goo.gl/d9pBcF

For more info: http://www.janapar.org/wiki/Main_Page. 


In the spring of 2018 Trails For Change organized a mountain bike tour fundraiser on the Janapar Trail. We have raised over $15,000 dollars for trail repairs! Also the Government of Artsakh has put up funds to reroute a segment of the trail near Karmir Shuka. This reroute will take the trail from the paved road to a beautiful trail through the Sargsashen Canyon. This is an ancient trail that needs repairs to make it passable again. Our crew will be completing this work in December 2018. The funds raised so far are enough to complete marking and clearing the trail. As of September 2018 90% of the trail has been blazed and cleared of overgrown vegetation. A few reroutes have also been blazed and cleared of vegetation. These rerouted segments and all segments can be found on the Janapar.org site as well as the View Ranger App. 


There are other segments of the trail that need attention. Such as a bridge and reroute on the Kolatak side of Kachaghakaberd. Currently the trail goes straight up the mountain. This is a difficult route and is not sustainable. Our fundraising continues and your donations will allow us to continue to improve this trail! Click here to donate now: