Gtichavank loop trail


Total Distance: 8.2 km
high/low: 1217m/ 824m
March 29. 2019


Togh Village is one of the must see destinations of Artsakh. There is so much to see here and now also to hike.


In Togh Village area you can find many ancient trails built before the very famous Gtichavanq Monastery (13th century).


Recently Trails For Change has cleared overgrown brush and marked one of these trails, which starts from the ruins of the three-hundred-year-old Melikov Palace.


Near the top of Toghasar Mountain the trail reaches Gtichavanq Monastery, creating a very nice 8.2 km loop.


The trail passes through a wonderful forest of tall trees. Along the way there are many breathtaking views. You will see the green wonderful nature of the Hadrut Region. You will pass by khachkars, old cemeteries and three old Churches. That’s not all. If you are fan of Wine, you will have the opportunity to taste one of the best Wines of Armenia, Kataro wine is being produced here.


If you decide to hike here in the middle of September you will be able to visit the Wine Festival of Artsakh.


These are not the only reasons to hike here, the other reasons we leave for you to find. You can follow the track or the white-red blazes