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Kayanberd Trail

On the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Armenia and with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Armenia, the "Trails for Change" NGO successfully completed the restoration and expansion of the hiking trail that leads to Kayanberd.

As part of this initiative, a new 400-meter trail section was constructed, complemented by a 2-meter unique retaining wall. Moreover, the project involved installing 31 wooden steps and 13 stone steps along the trail leading to Akner, while challenging sections of the trail were enhanced with the addition of metal staircases.

A starting sign with the technical description and map was installed at the trailhead, and directional signs and markings along the entire trail. The total length of the trail from the primary starting point to Akner village spans 4.4 km, with a 1.6 km distance to Kayan Fortress in a single direction.

During the project, significant support was also provided by the Kayanberd Resort Resort recreation area operating in the area and alongside our esteemed collaborator, HIKEArmenia. See the attached report for more detailed information about this project.


4 field workers

trail distance.png

400m in total

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