barev  trails

Devil's Bridge - Tandzatap
Length: 4.5 km 
High / Low: 1411m / 970m
Difficulty: Moderate
Noravank Trail
Length: 2.8km
High / Low: 1560m / 1390m
Difficulty: Moderate
Bezoar Goat
Length: 3.1km
High / Low: 1828m / 1598m
Difficulty: Moderate
Chukar Trail
Length: 5.8 km
High / Low: 2033m / 1792m
Difficulty: Moderate
Gndevank Trail
Length: 8.4 km 
High / Low: 1925m / 1512m
Difficulty: Moderate
Biking Loop Trail
Length: 7.3 km
High / Low: 1256m / 1153m
Difficulty: easy
Giqor Trail
Length: 3.86 km
High / Low: 1245m / 845m
Difficulty: Moderate
Dsegh Trail
3) Length: 6.5 km
High / Low: 1210m / 926m
Difficulty: Moderate

BarevTrails is an international volunteering project taking place in Armenia. It's a cooperation between Wesser Foundation, WWF Armenia and Trails For Change NGO. International and local volunteers together are working in protected areas of Armenia, creating amenities for hikers and outdoor lovers.

Each period is 9 days, from which 7 days the volunteers will be in nature. In each group with the international volunteers will be participating local volunteers too.

All the volunteering work is being organized by our professionals. We all together are installing signages, interpretive panels, blazings, vista points,collecting trash, bridges and for sure: trail building and brush clearing.

Trails For Change NGO joined the cooperation in terms of training the volunteers to build trails and bridges. Begginning in 2019 we have also been involved in organising the project.

Barev Trails Tatev

During the BarevTrails1 we were working on the trail from Devil's Bridge to Tandzatap Village.


We have constructed one bridge (9meters long) and repaired two others.


Built small segments of the existing trail, added some steps, cleared from the brush and trash. Removed the Devils Bridge walls from names.


And installed signposts, blazes, informative panels, viewpoints...



Barev Trails Arpa

The Protected Landscape hosts 885 plant species, 47 of which are registered in the Red Book of Armenia. This area is very famous for its beautiful rocks, endemic flora, and fauna.

During Barev Trails Arpa we have worked on three trails: Noravank Trail, Bezoar Goat Trail, and Chukar Trail.


The trail connects Nor Amaghu village to the monastery complex of Noravank. On the way, on the left and right sides of the trail, you will see the ruins of the old settlement. The trail runs through the Gnishik river valley.


The Bezoar Goat trail and the Chukar trail each from separate starting point will take you to one of the highest parts of the protected landscape, from where you can admire the impressive sceneries of Gnishik canyon and Noravank.


There are two observation points on the way where you can watch the Bezoar Goats. There is also a campsite and drinking water source on the trails.


Barev Trails Jermuk


The trail starts from Gndevaz village, goes tp Gndevank medieval monastery complex and ends at Kechut reservoir.

We have cleared the old trail of the trash and overgrown brush, some parts needed trail building work.


Constructed a toilet and a camping area for campers, cleared the old road from of rockslides and as always, installed informative panels about the flora and fauna of the area.



Barev Trails Dsegh


With the help of our volunteers, we maintained the three historical trails around Dsegh village, added informational signs, directional signposts, and blazes.


Hikers can download the app and see the 3D model of Tumanyan, and people hiking on the Giqor Trail can download the audio of the famous "Giqor" story and listen to it while hiking.


As always, we have installed informative panels about plants, flowers, trees, animals, the footprints of animals, birds, and fungi that are growing in the area. 

Barev Trails 5th coming soon: