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Artsakh's Janapar Trail Host Family Fundraiser

Since 2017, Trails for Change has been working on maintaining the Janapar Trail, the ONLY long distance hiking trail in Artsakh. We have stayed with many of the host families who live along the trail during our work and on our biking and hiking fundraising tours. The amazing hospitality and kindness of the families we stayed with was always a highlight of our trips, and now these same families are in need of our assistance. Because of the war in Artsakh, most have had to relocate and leave behind their homes, their possessions, and their livelihoods in the process. They are in need of housing, clothing, food, firewood and many other basic necessities to survive this upcoming winter. During our efforts to assess the needs of our host families, we were also told stories of other families who have lost husbands and fathers, and we have included them in our list of care recipients. We feel it is our duty during these difficult times to return to these host families the same care and support they’ve shown us throughout our many trips to Artsakh. #ArtsakhStrong


You can also donate through facebook fundraiser: link

Artsakh's Janapar Trail Map

NOTE: this map may not be accurate as it is difficult to get updated information from Artsakh at this time

we have already raised $17,344 (86.7%) of our $20,000 goal

housing and essential

house repair

warm clothes


medical need


utility and wood

animal food

for winter

Primary Support 

There are 18 families who need our support, of which 14 have lost their homes, most of the families lost their winter provisions

some photos from our trips to Artsakh

We will post periodic updates of our efforts, and provide a detailed report of how the money was spent. Donors will also have the opportunity to contact recipient families to ensure their needs are met.

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