Who we are

Trails For Change NGO was founded by Hans Keifer along with Co - Founder Emma Petrosyan. Hans is the owner of Bellfree Contractors a General A licensed California Corporation. Bellfree Contractors specializes in trail planning design and construction. The firm is based in Los Angeles, CA.


Hans became involved with the trails in Armenia in 2015 and worked with various groups in Armenia as an advisor, trail designer, trail builder, trainer and also leading volunteers.


During the summer of 2017 Trails For Change NGO came together as a direct result of our work on the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT) Project. The TCT is a long distance trail that will start at the Black Sea and continue through Georgia and Armenia.


All staff members of Trails For Change NGO started as volunteers on the TCT project. Each member was carefully chosen for the Trails For Change NGO team by Hans and Emma. Members were chosen due to their hard work ethic, dedication, commitment and motivation for positive change in Armenia.

Our goal is to create jobs both directly through our projects and also through the increase in tourism to Armenia and Artsakh. 


Trails For Change NGO is a non profit organization funded by grants and donations.

what we do

Trail Planning

Trail construction, like any other type of construction requires advanced planning and design.


You can’t expect to hire someone to build a house for you without them seeing a plan right? Trails are the same way yet somehow many people think we can give them a price to build a trail without seeing the area or knowing anything about it. It is just not possible.

Trail Designing

The first phase of the project should be the design. This requires advanced planning which includes: reviewing aerial imagery, topographic maps, identifying properly lines, identifying points of interest, identifying archaeological and other historical sites, sensitive or endangered plants or animals along the proposed trail corridor…

Trail Construction

Trail construction services include hand and machine built trails. Retaining walls, drainage structures, stone or timber steps.





Bridge construction 

Environmental education

Campgrounds and or picnic area design and construction

Interpretive panel design and installation

Outdoor toilet construction

Bike park and other bike specific amenities construction

our volunteers

Our Partners and Sponsors

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